Spirit Sundays


As a long time seeker on the spiritual path, I’ve accumulated quite the eclectic collection of tools, books and techniques over the years and have tended to my spiritual life daily. I now know that feeding my spirit through inspiring reads, ritual, meditation or prayer is an essential part of my daily self care.

Recently my husband and I have been discussing ways in which to to nourish our son’s spiritual life in a more formal way. Children are naturally very spiritual so creating family rituals and cultivating a personal relationship with the Creator is an essential part of their healthy development.

We both grew up going to church but have since found the constraints of organized religion outdated and even misogynestic. It’s been a constant struggle in our ten year marriage to find a spiritual community we’ve both felt connected to. I’m a lover of the Goddess, and the Divine Feminine was not often spoken of in the catholic church of my upbringing. And if she was, she was a virgin mother or a repenting prostitute. Neither very relatable or particularly inspiring.

Over the last three years I have been deeply immersed on the path of the Priestess, reclaiming the ways of the feminine and learning some of the healing arts that would have been taught in ancient mystery schools of Egypt and Europe, before the rise of Christianity. Seasonally inspired ritual, astrology, plant medicine and creating ceremony are but few of the pathways I’ve been blessed to study during this apprenticeship.

So when my scorpio husband asked me to take the lead on bringing spiritual ritual into our family life, I heard it as a call from the Goddess. I turned inside and asked the Divine Mother to show me the way. A few weeks after the initial inward ask, I received this download.

We now call it Spirit Sundays. Every Sunday, we come together as a family to nourish our spiritual selves. We usually spend an hour co-creating this special family ritual. We each bring different elements to the ceremony (Gary prepares the song, I choose the story, and Ben leads the movement.)

There are seven (sacred number) elements to Spirit Sunday:



Whats happening in Nature? How can we align ourself to the season and learn from nature’s cues. (ie. As we approach the fall equinox and the leaves are falling, like the trees, what is something we can let go of?)


Praise through music. Feel devotion in your heart to something greater than you. Choose an uplifting song to sing together.


We choose one story to learn more about the nature of God/dess and about ourselves. We want to reclaim and heal the spirituality of our ancestry, so we choose one story inspired by the teachings of Jesus. (We read from The Inclusive Bible). Any sacred texts or stories from the spirituality of your bloodline are great places to look to for this piece of the ritual.


We ask ourselves how can we be of service this week? What’s something specific we can do to help someone in need, or to make the world a better place.

Sacred Silence

We sit for two minutes of silent meditation to quiet the busy mind and reconnect to the source of wisdom within us.


Through empowered prayer, we ask to be vessels of grace and open to divine guidance. We pray out loud and give thanks for all that we have and all that we are. We speak from the heart and ask that all beings everywhere be happy and free.

Shake it Up

Move your body! Dance, do yoga or play outside. Maybe its a bike ride or a walk in the park, anything that reminds to embrace your body as a living temple, and enjoy the gift of having one! This usually leads to laughter and a deep feeling of joy in our hearts.

Whether you do this by yourself or with loved ones, I hope you spiritual misfits find this simple ritual outline a useful guide for opening to the presence of Spirit in your own lives.



Chantal Russell