Everything Begins in the Dark


Yesterday marked the New Moon in Scorpio. New Moons are sometimes referred to as the Dark Moon, because it is the phase in which the Moon’s fullness is veiled from light and not visible to the naked eye. Scorpio is the deep watery sign of death and transformation.

In the Celtic Wheel of the Year, with this new moon we have entered into the darkest phase of the year. The coming 6 weeks leading up to Winter Solstice will be the longest nights dominated by dusk, shadow and mystery. It is a powerful time to complete unfinished projects, let things go, and simplify our schedules to make space for deep rest and dream time.

The darkest part of the year (in which we find ourselves now) is also celebrated as the new year, or the beginning of a new cycle (between Samhain and Winter Solstice). The Celts recognized that everything begins in the dark. From the seed in the dark soil to the fetus in the womb, all new life emerges from the dark.

In these ancient earth based traditions, times of darkness are not feared but welcomed, for when we find our selves here, we know that the dark contains nourishment, restoration and pure potentiality. A season of our life has ended and a new one yet begun. We can take time to savour the harvest, contemplate the wisdom we have accumulated, and allow ourselves to move inward, do less, feel more, listen more deeply to the stirrings of our intuition and dreams. This beautiful time is the dark womb shedding herself so something new can be seeded and brought to life.

Everything begins in the dark, and we cannot skip over the dark in favour of the light. In her darkest phase when her light is no longer visible, the moon’s power is in her most hidden form. Like the fertile darkness of soil, she cloaks her light to regenerate herself, and prepares to birth herself once more. 

Receive the gifts of these dark days by:

  • Giving thanks for all that you have. Give thanks for the earth. Send your love to those you love and count your blessings.

  • Treating yourself to a retreat day, a day that is different from all others: no watch, no phone, a day out on the land.

  • Cleaning out your closet or any part of your home that feels cluttered. Clear the clutter, release what no longer serves and create space.

  • Journal, reflecting on the past 6 weeks to what has touched your heart, brought you joy or difficulties.

  • Make new intentions and positive affirmations (in the present tense) that will take you forward towards the new direction you wish to take.

May you make time to rest, and trust that this cycle of death and rebirth means that there are always new opportunities to start again.

Blessed Be!


Chantal Russell