To Feel is To Heal

OCTOBER 27, 2014

Your body is intelligent, intuitive and receptive, and is always moving towards harmony and ease.  It is not only a vehicle for your spirit, but serves as your home while you are on the planet. A home you cannot move out of.

So might as well get comfy & cozy right?

Most of us don't really live in our bodies, we live in our thoughts, ideas, worries or fears. When we live in places other than where we "are", that is to say, anywhere than in this body, in this moment, in this breath, we are disconnected from ourselves and our embodied experience of life.

The problem with not really living in your body in the here and now, is that you are not present to its intelligent guidance, to an infinite source of wisdom, and you end up missing out on much of life's beauty because you were not really there to soak it up. I believe decoding the language of the body is the key to liberation. (note, the mind is not separate from your body but is part of it. It affects and is affected by the body, so when I say body, it is more descriptive to say body-mind as a continuum.)

The body speaks the language of sensations; the thoughts, feelings and physical sensations you experience, are your body's way of communicating with you. They are showing you parts of yourself that you may have never seen before, and serve as a compass to help you navigate your way through life. Sometimes those sensations feel good, at times, they are very uncomfortable. 

Naturally, we want more of what feels good, and less of what feels bad. The problem is when we ignore what doesn't feel so good, we create resistance, within our minds and hearts, and that energy has to go somewhere, so it gets stored in the body. What results, are pockets full of suppressed anger or shame (or fill in the blank), that want to be seen and felt. You might be able to ignore them for a while, but eventually the tension and discomfort will build up and surface until you have no choice but to see, feel, and let go of what's draining your life force.  

From a yogic perspective, creative energy or Shakti gets locked up in stored emotions. The result is the life force does not flow as freely, and we have less energy and passion. Life becomes a struggle.

When we turn to the parts of ourselves we rather not see, with love, we free the locked up life force energy, which increases the flow of prana. With free flowing prana comes increased intuition, creative inspiration and clear empowered action.

Next time you find yourself feeling something that is far from how you want to feel, don't demonize it,  shove it back down and pretend everything is ok. Say hello, get curious, and become intimate with the parts of yourself you try to repress. 

Everything seeks the light of awareness. Everyone wants to see and be seen, even your anger and sadness. To feel is to heal. Get to know your body. Ask her questions, and FEEL what emerges. Cry if thats whats needed. Your body is always showing you the way back to your original state of love, joy and ease.

There is nothing to fear. True liberation comes from being open to all of life's sensations, the delicious and the disgusting. You will not die if you let yourself feel the grief. In fact, there is more space and light and ease on the other side. See it, feel it, let go of whats blocking your life force.

Be embodied, and become intimate with life.

Chantal Russell