Love is Power


JUNE 07, 2015

On a recent trip to Paris, I stumbled upon one of the city's more contemporay shrines to love, le Pont des Arts, or Love Locks bridge as it has come to be known. 

The tradition has been, for lovers to place a lock on the bridge and throw away the key into the river Seine below, as a symbol of their everlasting love for each other.  So many locks have been sealed over the last few years, that parts of the bridge have begun collapsing under the sheer weight of these devotion infused love-locks. 

Thousands upon thousands have journeyed here, like a great pilgrimage, in the name of love.  The fact that the weight has become unbearable for this pedestrian bridge (there are now over a million locks adding up to 45 tons), brought to mind the pure weightiness, the power and the gravity of love. It's not just an invisible energy. It has power. Enough to break down a man made structure.

It is not only one big act of love, or even that bold of a demonstration, that has resulted in the bridge's slow disintegration, but the cumulative effect of so many moments and exchanges of love. Its not one big thing, but thousands of little things, that have made the difference. 

And so it is with everything we long for in our own life. Although this story takes place in the city of romance, love is so much more than the art of seduction and romantic affection. It is a choice, and it is not always glamorous. A choice to keep a tender heart, open to life's beauty and it's heartache. A choice to trust that life has better plans than you could ever dream of. A choice to see the beauty, to forgive and to heal, rather than stay separate, and suffer. To love is a choice, woven into our very own thoughts, words and actions.

If you ever find yourself in a moment of overwhelm, wanting to go numb and disappear ; if you feel fearful and unsure of what path to take or direction to choose or words to speak, ask yourself; Where would love have me go? What would Love have me do? What would love have me say?**

This simple prayer, is a reminder to stay plugged into your highest & holy source. Where your true power comes from. 

We might not always love or even like ourselves, or the current circumstances of our life, but if we are to heal and flourish as individuals and humanity, if we are to save and build bridges that connect us to ourselves and each other, than it must be done choice by choice, small act by small act, in the name of and infused with LOVE. 

Breath by breath, day by day, step by step, the culmination of our choice to choose love, will pave the way to the creation of a beautiful life. Choosing Love, will become our art and our legacy.

Since visiting Ponts des Arts only two weeks ago, city workers have begun placarding the railings,  cutting off locks, and replacing the side with glass, to preserve the bridge and prevent the trend from continuing. Love locks have begun appearing on other bridges, and even in other cities, like a great wild fire that can't be tamed. 

Love is like that; it's a powerful force that has a way of catching on. 

Chantal Russell