Flow with Presence

APRIL 23, 2013

A dear friend and I recently discussed what it means to go with the flow. There are many flows with which one can align, such as that of the status quo; making decisions based on what you think you should be doing, compared to what others are choosing. To be truly in the flow, we agreed, is to be present to each moment as it arises, and move from the deeper current that reveals itself fully the more you pay attention.

One of the gifts of the cancer journey is the realization that our time here is short. You often hear about the importance of "being in the moment" or "being present". Most of us interpret this to mean engaging fully with the present moment as opposed to being distracted by thoughts of the future or the past. We are being aware of what is happening right now rather than numbing out with fantasy.

The present as described above is the "ordinary present". It is an aspect of our experience of linear time. It is of course desirable to be engaged with the present moment rather than lost in thought or fantasy. However, ultimately we are more concerned with presence than the present.

Being in presence means that all of our senses are open and awake. We are not grasping at successive moments in linear time with our mind. We are in a condition called samavesha, or immersion. We are fully immersed in the vital texture of livingness.

Practice using your mind as a sense organ, not in analytic way. Notice the quality, the texture of the moment. Is it heavy or light? Open or obstructed? Clear or cloudy? These are just a few examples. Beyond these simple qualities, it is possible to have very precise and direct perceptions about how consciousness and energy is expressing itself here and now. You can feel many things directly and receive communications. Then you can respond by adjusting your activities appropriately. This simple practice is a way you can begin to immerse yourself in the living presence of the Supreme Self.

                                                       -Shamabhavi Sarasvati, The Play of Awakening

When you're truly practicing presence, there is no choice to be made, for every moment brings with it the clarity of knowing exactly how to be/what to say/how to act.

May you immerse yourself in the rich being-ness of each moment and be present to life unfolding in you as you.

Chantal Russell