Effort Less

NOVEMBER 08, 2014

I love people. I love inspired, passionate, intelligent & funny people. And I love working with people who are devoted to waking up, and lightening up. Which is why when I met Chela Davison, I knew I wanted to collaborate. She's a real fire cracker. 

Because we dig each other's work and like each other's company, naturally we thought, why not teach a retreat together? A soulful, meaningful, yoga and personal development infused getaway. Perfect, right?

We planned and launched our retreat. We shot videos, wrote blog posts, designed banners and printed posters. But every time we got together to work on it, we both felt resistance. Like we were pushing something uphill, trying to make it happen. It felt heavy and stuck, the flow wasn't flowing. Not how we want to operate in the world.

So we evoked the council of trusted friends, business partners, even an energy worker. Should we stick it out and just make this happen? We love each other and truly enjoy working together, what's the deal? After much deep inquiry and soulful exploration, when we sat down to reflect on it, one thing became clear: we don't want to effort more. We want to effort-less.

Chela is lit up about her new group coaching program and wants to focus on its expansion. Her passion and mastery, is diving in deeply to the depth of what wants transformation and liberation. This is her work and her calling, it's what ignites and guides her, and it is so right for her. I am passionate about blending my love of personal growth with yoga, and want to teach retreats that transform peoples live for the better. Similar desires, yes, but still different in the form that they might take.

There comes a time, when you have to say NO to all the little, soft whispering Nos, to make room for the big, loud, resonant YESes. An so with much relief, and sadness too, we made the decision to release the retreat in it's current form.

The day after the decision was made, I officially became a Desire Map Facilitator. The day after that, I went to Chela's launch party for her new website, saw Danielle LaPorte, and shared my vision of the retreat I long to lead. Magic. I asked Chela for her blessing in continuing on with the retreat I'm being called to create; BHAVANA, A Yoga and Desire Mapping Retreat in Costa Rica. She gave me her blessing. It was a beautiful evening. Everything came together, as it always does, when you trust what feels most right. Effort-less. Perfection.

Deep gratitude to you, my soul sister Chela, for all the wisdom and light you have bestowed upon me and invoked within me.  xo

Chantal Russell