Ease vs. Comfort

FEBRUARY 24, 2015

When faced with day to day decisions, the answer in most modern day yoga/creative/abundance oriented/coaching circles is, to go with the choice that feels good. Ease, is the new black, the one size fits all sexy metric by which to live your life.

I believe in choosing ease over struggle and resistance wholeheartedly, any day. I love ease. I want to be easy about things, and go with the flow. I want to lean towards what I want and only do things I want to do. I want things to come easily to me. And I get frustrated when they don't. 

The other day, my husband took me surfing 'out back', where the waves are green and big, and gaining momentum towards their peak (translation: powerful, strong and intimidating). When surfing, I like to stay on the inside, riding the white wash where the waves have already crashed and are less potent. I don't surf that often, and the ocean humbly reminds me of nature's fierceness. 

On the inside, things are small and familiar and somewhat comfortable. It's my safe zone, it's what I know. But as it turns out, it takes way more effort and work to stay on the inside, fighting the ebbing and receding broken waves, even though it's more comfortable for me. 

Ease, is infused with trust and flexibility. Comfort, wreaks of stagnation and fear. 

Ease, results from discipline and consistency, a constant tuning into what drives you. It's remembering who you are and what you're made of, and choosing to embody what you most want. 

That day, I paddled out to the big green waves with my husband cheering me on, got crushed by a few huge sets, then threw a couple F bombs his way. I was scared. I was uncomfortable and I wanted out. So I got out; I sat on the beach, caught my breath and my perspective, and reminded myself of what I want to experience and do in life.  

I want to transmute my fears, to refine my expression, to enjoy the ride. I want to expand. The choice that felt more comfortable, was to stay on the beach and listen to my fears. The choice that felt more aligned with who I am and what I want, the more ease-full choice in that moment, was to get back in the water. 

I chose ease over comfort, trust over fear, and felt myself expand.

Chantal Russell