Choose to Welcome Change

Photo by Britney Gill

Photo by Britney Gill

JUNE 13, 2012

The nature of the world of name and form that we perceive through our senses is that it is always changing. Change is synonymous with uncertainty, and uncertainty is uncomfortable, for every change implies some loss. The only way to overcome fear is to get in touch with something that is beyond change. And the only thing beyond change is the field of intelligence, of spirit, which is the basis of change.

The goal of spiritual practices is to remind you of your essential nature, which is timeless and boundless. It is also fearless, because when spirit is our eternal reference point we cannot entertain the possibility of loss. Just a taste of immortality can vanquish our anxiety and open the possibility for profound transformation.

- Return to Wholeness, David Simon, M.D

Every time we make a choice, we are saying yes to one thing, and no to something else. I once listened to a lecture on TED talks about the paradox of choice (worth a view when you have 20 minutes.) The speaker explained that the more options we have, the more paralyzing making a choice becomes, because we fear choosing something that will not yield the most happiness. What should I eat?What style of yoga should I teach? What should I devote my life's work to? Where should we live? Had I chosen this or that, would I have still ended up here and would I be happier? Even after making our choice, we often wonder, would I be better off had I chosen something else?

Although we do not have control of what happens in life, we always have the power to choose how to respond and how to be in any situation. My teacher Hareesh offers this: How you react to what happens to you is not determined by what happens to you, it is determined by your inner work. 

So when the external circumstances of our lives do not reflect what we perceive as the most ease-filledor harmonious, may we remember our ability to consciously choose how to show up in any given moment, and welcome change as a beautiful and necessary part of the creative process of being human. In so doing, we can learn to become our true selves more and more, and welcome it all as fuel for transformation.

Chantal Russell