Light Up

November 01, 2014

Awareness- a word often thrown around in wellness and yogic circles, but what is it and how do we work with it to create significant change in our lives?

Awareness is often described as a a source of light and illumination. Becoming aware, is recognizing or seeing parts of ourselves that influence the way we perceive the world, and move through our life. 

I recently worked with a healer who helped me see certain behavioural patterns that have been governing my life for too long. When he helped me see that I've been living with a deep feeling of inadequacy, I hastly responded with an OMG you're right, now what do I do about it??  He laughed at my impatience and said, "as soon as your become ware of something, you start to transform it. The sun is like a healing solvent, he continued, the light shines and it melts away what keeps it from shinning brighter."

Imagine trying to move your way through a dark and cluttered house, full of luggage and memorabilia from your travels, dusty piles of books full of your fears, and emergency survival kits for the future. Then someone gives you a candle and suddenly, you see why you can't move freely through the house. I say a candle, because awareness has a warmth to it, an appreciation of what touches its glow. Where attention goes, love grows. 

Instead of cursing all the stuff in the house, you start to clear the junk, keeping what feels nourishing, energizing and freeing, and letting go of the heavy and large souvenirs that have become obnoxious.

In the same way, our awareness serves as a light that helps us see what we've been tripping on.  It is our greatest source of illumination and wisdom. When we see more clearly, we can move more joyously, freely and effectively through the world.

Become the loving observer of your actions and the listener of your thoughts.

Your thoughts and emotions are real, but are they true?

What longs to be transformed?

Whats long to be realeased?


Chantal Russell