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Retreats are an opportunity to step out of the routines of our daily life, and into a rejuvenating rhythm of rest, relaxation, play and creativity. Taking time to pause, step back and explore what nourishes us most not only benefits our own health and vitality, but offers us insight and gifts that will contribute to, and enhance the wellbeing of our family and communities. 

Photo by Jen Harter

Photo by Jen Harter

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Shakti Rising

A yoga retreat to reclaim sacred feminine wisdom, with Nancy Goodfellow


This is an invitation to embark on a powerful journey of self discovery and growth, as we’ll decode and peel away the layers of conditioning which have kept our wisdom as women locked away. Together we’ll reclaim sacred feminine wisdom practices, so we may each flourish authentically as the unique, beautiful goddesses that we are.  Join Nancy Goodfellow and Chantal Russell for a seven day yoga retreat on the beach to celebrate this time of Shakti rising.

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Paris urban Yoga Retreat

Immerse yourself in beauty

Spring 2020

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