What does it mean to Nourish Your Soul and liberate your light?

There is so much more to who you are than you know right now. You are indeed, something mysterious, and someone magnificent. Your essence nature is SOUL. The core of you is radiant, free, and like a wild flower, meant to bloom. 

To nourish is to nurture and provide sustenance. It also means to cherish. In the same way that our physical body requires healthy food to grow and thrive, so too does our soul need daily tender loving care, to flourish and shine.

Ayurveda describes the state of vibrant health as being "established in the soul" (svastha). True health is not about achieving a state of perfection, nor about drinking green juice and mastering advanced yoga poses.

Being vibrantly healthy is about making choices that honour the light, and particular radiance of who you really are. Its about learning to listen to the inherent wisdom of your own soul. Simply put, its about being and becoming YOU. 

"The soul is like an acorn. Just as the acorn gives instructions to the oak about how to grow and what to become, the human soul- a type of spiritual blueprint- carries an image or a vision that shows us how to grow, what gift we carry for others, the nature of our true life. Unlike Oaks however, we humans are the one part of creation capable of ignoring or refusing the flowering of our own souls.
Each of us is born with a treasure, and essence, a seed of quintessential potential secreted for safekeeping in the centre of our being. This treasure, this personal quality, power, talent, or gift, is ours to develop, embody, and offer to our communities through acts of service- our contributions to a more diverse, vital and evolved world. Our personal destiny is to become that treasure through our action. " 
-Bill Plotkin, SoulCraft

To nourish your soul, is to nurture your unique nature. Liberating your light is about living with purpose, passion and heart. It is choosing to cherish and embody the soul force within you. Every day. Deeply. Madly. Quietly. Fiercely. 

May this site serve as a source of inspiration and wisdom as you follow your soul's call to expand. 

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