What does it mean to be well?

Ayurveda, yoga's sister science, describes the state of vibrant health as being "established in the soul" (svastha). True health is not about achieving a state of perfection or perpetual bliss, nor about drinking green juice and mastering advanced yoga poses. Being vibrantly healthy is about making choices that honour the particular radiance of who you really are. It is knowing deep in your bones that your body and soul are rooted in nature, here to expand and evolve. To be WELL is to embody your soul, and drink from the inner Well that is your very own essence. 

Through out time, wells have long been gathering places where people come together to draw from the depths to be nourished. As symbols of the Divine Feminine, wells represent a gateway to the life giving power of water and flow, a doorway to the juiciness of life. I believe that to be well, we must embrace both our divinity and our humanity, care for our body and our soul, and connect to Love, so that we may truly come to know ourselves as a beneficial presence needed on the planet at this time. To be healthy means to be whole. The WELL as an acronym, also represents the facets of wellness: 


To be wild, is to remember that we are of nature and of the earth. It is to align to the flow of the seasons, the phases of the moon, and the rhythm of life. Our wild is our unique essence, the one we alone carry. It is embracing the diversity of experience. Life is messy. Our practices are not about control or mastery, but about alignment with nature on the deepest and highest level. 

Connected to the element of water, our emotional health, and the direction of the west. 


We are embodied spiritual beings, souls having a human experience. Often when we begin a spiritual practice, we mistakenly try to transcend or rise above our humanity, to escape the pain or discomfort we all feel at times. To truly heal, we must learn to feel, embrace and nourish our physical self, no matter the shape or size. Here we remember that taking care of our  physical health through a commited yoga asana practice and healthy plant-based eating, sets the foundations for a vibrant life.

Connected to the element of earth, the physical body and the direction of the north. 


We are freedom seeking creative beings. To be liberated, is to know that at our core, we are already free. Freedom from pain and suffering arise when we remember that although we cannot control what happens in life, we can always choose how to respond and co-create with life. Mediation and creativity are essential practices to remember our innate freedom.

Connected to the element of air, the spiritual self and the direction of the east. 


Yoga is a way of life. The time we spend on our yoga mat is only the beginning, and a small part of our yoga practice. The real practice begins when you step off your mat and into the rest of your life. How do you show up in relationship with others? Or in your work place? The way you parent and deal with conflict? Are you living aligned with purpose? To be present, conscious and fully participating in every area of our LIFE, is ultimately we're practicing for.

Connected to element of fire, our passion and the direction of the south. 

Wether it's through yoga and meditation, moon gatherings, retreats, teacher trainings, inquiry or conversation, I am passionate about bringing people together, and believe that well-being is a holistic lifestyle, rooted in nature and community.


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