Travel Light, Be Rich

Photo by Piper Winston

Photo by Piper Winston

MARCH 31, 2016

On a recent international flight home, I was reminded of the importance of traveling light, literally and metaphorically.

“Each checked bag is $25, or you can pay $100 for the extra 2 kilos of weight” the woman at the check in counter informed me.  Shocked by the high cost, I shuffled things around to minimize the fee, and laughed to myself thinking of how often we carry things with us that cost us more than we know.

Everything has a cost- physically, energetically and spiritually. Even the saying "pay attention", implies that our awareness is our currency, we place our focus on what we value. What we choose to do, we must pay for with our limited time and attention. What we choose to hold onto emotionally, we pay for in life force. Projects, goals, worries, thoughts, memories, dreams, all take up space, occupying the bandwidth of our heart and mind.

How often do we travel through our day, carrying yesterday’s regrets and tomorrows fears, paying for them today with our presence, missing beautiful moments and leaking precious prana?

Since having cancer 4 years ago, I’ve become very discerning about how I spend my time, viscerally aware of that our ride around the sun is limited.

Since becoming a business owner, I've learned about the true cost of doing business. Taking into account not only the monetary inputs and outputs of potential products and projects, but realizing that so much more than the financials is the energetic feeling input and output; how much love and enthusiasm will I put into this, and how much energy and joy will I reap?  Will the necessary work or investment (physical or energetic) leave me feeling depleted, broke and resentful, or will it result in more freedom, creativity and space?

I like to imagine that the well-spring of my vitality and health is like a bank account.  Even though I know I can always attune to an infinite spiritual Source within, every choice is either bringing me closer to that Source and into deeper alignment with my soul (making deposits into my account), or moving me away from it (withdrawals).  Breath by sweet breath, choice by choice, we can enrich our lives by being intentional about what occupies space in heart/mind/body/spirit- our life luggage. 

Although it’s sometimes hard to know what choices will be the most beneficial to us in the long run, it’s good to ask our selves “at what cost”? Will holding onto to the anger and frustration be worth it in the end? Or will my life be made better by infusing my moments with appreciation for what is before me, consciously being present to memories in the making, and leaving space for what has yet to come. 

Chantal Russell