On Healing

MARCH 09, 2012
Healing means coming into wholeness by simplifying our thoughts, finding peace within the circumstances we face, and opening our deep heart and Spirit to mend our disconnection from the essence of all life- Love.

Love is the energy of Spirit, God, the Great Mystery, the Source of all life and beyond, that is meant to blossom our life. Our healing is a continuing process, as our physical health waxes and wanes and our mental and emotional well-being rises and falls. Healing means we become more aware of when we feel off-balance and then become equally present to the practices and shifts in our attitude that returns us to balance. Balance is obtained only when our life is aligned with our inner still point.

Our physical healing is promoted as we shift our perspective from pain, fear and loss to inner strength, joy and opening to Grace.

Our mental and emotional healing comes from rebalancing out thoughts and feelings to be in touch with our wisdom mind rather than our self-critic. Through this process we become more aware of the true power and presence we possess. We recognize that we are completely safe and have authority to engage in our life journey. 

Our spiritual healing comes from opening our deep heart to love, joy and meaning, which allows us to love all and serve all. All healing is a process of waking to our innate goodness, our potential, and our means of living a complete and fulfilling life.

Healing is what we are doing-all the days of our life.

-from Spirit Heals, Meridith L. Young-Sowers

Chantal Russell