Less is More

FEBRUARY 29, 2012

I was reminded yesterday in a yoga class that all we need to "do" is relax, and trust that our body knows what it needs in order to heal. That sometimes, getting out of our own way is all that lies between our quest for wellness and our experience of this inherent wellbeing. True power lies in releasing resistance.

After my second chemotherapy treatment a few days ago, these words felt potent now more than ever. Since receiving the diagnosis 2 months ago, I found my entire being resisting having to go through any of it. Resisting accepting what life was presenting, resisting the prescribed course of action, resisting my own feelings of resistance. One of my teachers, Christopher Wallis, says that whenever we resist what life offers, we suffer. When we accept what is being presented, everything unfolds for our benefit.

There is power in relaxation, there is power in letting go.

Chantal Russell