At Home Within

Photo By Britney Gill

Photo By Britney Gill

MARCH 16, 2016

"The Heart is not only a physical organ; it is an incredibly wise guidance system that can be used to make powerful decisions in our lives- to take us further on our Soul's journey. Heart-knowing is an advanced form of intelligence, where through feelings (energetic, emotional, and somatic) located quite literally in the heart centre, we receive guidance from our Souls to make life decisions. The heart is the home of the intuitive voice, the tuning fork of beauty, and the seed of the blueprint of our soul" 
-Elisa Romeo, Meet Your Soul

I'm a nomad at heart; I love to travel, I long for adventure and feel energized by the fresh perspective new faces and places can grant us. Lately, the theme of being at home within yourself has been showing up seemingly everywhere. What does it mean to feel at home within ourself, and how can we create this feeling no matter where we are?

One of the many reasons I love to travel, is that it shakes me out of my comfort zone, and invites me to see the world in a new way. Seeing how other people live, I am reminded of my own tendencies, hamster-wheel like thought habits and ways of being of that box me in, and keep life feeling small. 

I love the feeling of being somewhere new, having only my inner compass to guide me through unfamiliar situations. When the familiar is taken away, our senses are hightened and we are forced to pay attention to bodily sensations and inner nudges. An intimacy with oneself is created when voices and directions from the outer world are muted by a different language. We are able to hear the inner voice of intuition more clearly. This sense of inner knowing, the felt presence of an inner being guiding you through life, is what I refer to as Soul. 

The beauty of being in an unfamiliar or even uncomfortable situation, is that it turns up the volume of your Soul's voice, and deepens the relationship to your most essential self. When we connect to our Soul, we attune to a divine, flowing presence that is always guiding us from within. This re-orientaion, from letting the outer world navigate your choices and moods, to listening to your inner guidance system and reclaiming your inner sovereignty, is the way to create the feeling of home within your self. 

Being at home within, is feeling the presence of a loving life force vibrating within you. It is about becoming intimate with your Soul; knowing, cherishing, and loving her deeply. Relationships are living entities that require tenderness, care, passion and consistency if they are to flourish. Like any relationship, you must tend to the callings of your heart if you are to live from, and embody your Soul.

Get to know your inner most self, become intimate with your own Soul, and feel at home where ever you are. 


Chantal Russell